Cabinet Restoration

Rental Units
Do you have worn out kitchen and bath cabinets that make it difficult for you to rent? If so, our cabinet
refacing or cabinet restoration process should be as important to you as it is for homeowners. Let us
evaluate restoring all, some or even one of your units and then putting them on a “stay-tuned” program
to keep them looking good.

Home Owner
Are your kitchen/bath cabinets sticky or dirty? Are they marred by nicks or scratches? Do doors close
with a bang or drawers stick? Do they have worn finish or water damage? Or, is the finish yellowed or
coming off those pickled/whitewashed cabinets? If so, restoration is the perfect solution for cabinets
that are sound but showing some wear. Cabinets older than 10 years and pickled/whitewashed
cabinets older than 7 years will likely need restoration.

With our unique service we will:

*Lift and clean away layers of grime, smoke, and grease
*Blend and restore where the color has faded
*Fill gouges, nicks, and scratches
*Lubricate hinges and drawers slides
*Install new door pads and adjust doors to close properly
*Replace any damaged door hinges and drawer slides (optional)
*Install new pulls and knobs of your choice (optional)
*Provide services as required to complete your project, finish carpentry or handy man services.

A basic cabinet restoration can be completed in one day (also depending on the condition of the
cabinets) without sanding, stripping or mess. All this starting out at $750 for a small kitchen, which is
much less than replacing, refacing or painting your stained cabinets. We also offer refinishing services
if you would like to change the color of your cabinet doors, cabinets and trim work.

Call today and let Windisch Renovations evaluate your cabinets and see what we can do for you.

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