Testimonials from Angie's List

Mrs. Anita Simpson

Category: Carpentry and painting

Work Completed Date: November 08, 2013

Description Of Work:

Primed, prepared then painted the front of the house with a  coupon
purchased on Angie's List. They arrived promptly, and went right to
work. They did quite a bit of priming and sanding, especially with rust
from some nails that had been improperly prepared the previous
painting job. They were friendly, and very professional.

Member Comments:
Then job was completed within the contracted time. They cleared and
cleaned everything from the site before they left the project. The
house looks beautiful and several people have noted that the job was
very well done.
I hope to hire them again to do more painting on the house next

Mrs. Nancy Hart

I called Jurgen to replace the wall around my main bathtub with
cement board, caulk around the tub, and paint it so it blended with the
rest of the room. A job on which he did a fantastic job. Once he
showed up, I had a list of other jobs for him to do and he cheerfully
agreed. He worked on the master bathroom, did many exterior
carpentry repairs and even repaired the screens that were damaged
by the roofers.

Work was outstanding. He is an excellent carpenter who can also fix
anything. It's a pleasure to have him around the house and I also feel
very comfortable leaving when he's here. Having lived in this home for
almost 20 years, I've used a number of carpenters but Jurgen's talent
is amazing.

Westford, MA

Mrs. Christine Horne

Work Completed Date: March 11, 2014

Description Of Work: Garage trim repair.

Member Comments:

Windisch Renovations installed a new door for us a few years back
and we remembered such a positive experience that we called again
for some carpentry work.  If you can get on Jurgen's schedule, you
are lucky.  We were lucky that he was willing to fit us in between two
bathroom renovations.  His attention to detail is amazing.

Ms. Cindy Foley

I highly recommend hiring Windisch Renovations. Jurgen was quick
with giving estimates, returning phone calls and always on time. His
work was over and above my expectations. I would not hesitate to
hire him again. He is friendly, professional and will do any job within
his expertise. His finished carpentry skills show off in the final product.

Westford, MA


Mr.Richard Reavis

Category: Painting - Interior
Work Completed Date: May 05, 2012

Description Of Work:
I used Windisch Renovations for interior painting services.

Member Comments:
It was an Angie's List Big Deal that I purchased. They were excellent
guys. They were absolutely wonderful! They did an excellent job. I
paid a few dollars more because I had them do a little bit extra. It was
well worth it. They were professional. Before they started to do some
painting, they scraped the wall a little bit so their paint job will look
better. I didn't ask them to do it but they did it. I'm pleased.

Mrs. Jacqueline Kral

Jurgen is a consumate professional with a refreshing combination of
characteristics: great attention to detail, a problem-solver, a
professional and polished manner, humility, and punctuality. I have
had the occasion to hire many tradespeople over the years, and I have
never found someone who was as committed to getting the job done,
even before he began the work!”

June 2, 2008

hired as a Custom Carpentry in 2008 , and hired Jurgen more than

Acton, MA


Mr.Kenneth Heller

Carpentry - Unfinished
Carpentry - Woodworking
Painting - Interior

Work Completed Date: November 06, 2013

Home Build Year: 1890

Description Of Work:
Inspected and provided repairs for the support columns and cross
beams under the barn.  Repaired large barn door and poured a
concrete ramp  for access.  Removed rotted wood from the roof area
of the workshop, replaced rotted wood, added trim and repainted.

Member Comments:
While on this job we noted that the workshop attached to our house
had a large amount of rotted wood and trim near the roof.  He tore out
all the rotted wood and replaced it with primed cedar and also did the
same for the trim so it matched the original trim.  He painted the new
wood as final step.

He has done several other carpentry jobs (unfinished and finished
carpentry) for us in the past that have been excellent.  The main
reasons to use Jurgen are his professional approach, high quality
workmanship, reasonable prices and "never leave a mess" attitude


Beth Coolidge

Jurgen Windisch did a kitchen painting project for us in the summer of
2008. He removed, sanded and painted all our cabinet doors with a
paint finish that looks like the factory finish.  He provided an accurate
estimate,  completed the work on time and was a pleasure to work
with. He did an excellent job and our kitchen looks great!  I would not
hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

North Andover, MA